For people who take the bull by the horns. Nearly every car they make, even SUVs have driver involvement first, and everything else later. Of late, BMW have been trying to appeal to seekers of comfort, too. We aren't sure they should, though.

  • 1 Series

    The country's only RWD hatchback. Fun to drive, but is it as good as the A-Class?

  • 3 Series

    The 3 has always been the best sport saloon since it was born. The new 3 is still so

  • 5 Series

    A return to form by the '5', with more palatable styling, a better ride and BMW's stock-in trade quality

  • 6 Series

    The best all-round touring convertible in India. Just be prepared for frequent fuel stops in your 'grand tour'

  • 7 Series

    Much improved. BMW's super saloon is now a half-decent match for the class-whipping S-Class.

  • GT 5

    According to BMW, the GT5 is for an older BMW buyer who has a family and children to ferry around town.

  • i8

    A heady and expensive concoction of futuristic design, technology and sportscar-like performance

  • M3

    M3 is here and how. Brilliant V8 powering the coupe version of the 3. Mega.

  • X1

    Right size, right price, perfect for the urban yuppie.

  • X3

    A well-sorted car tailored for the world we live in. If only they had a button that said 'BMW' for the outcasts of the world

  • X5

    Fatter new seven-seat X5 places it firmly in the a size category above X3 now - thankfully, it's bigger inside too

  • X6

    It's an SUV! No, it's a coupe! No, it's both. BMW has gone over the top with stretching the boundaries for a 'niche' product.

  • Z4

    BMW's answer to Merc's SLK and Porsche's Cayman. It's fast, it's topless, and it drives well