TG Car Chooser help

Still stuck? Let us walk you through it.

The idea of the Car Chooser is that you tell us the kind of car you want, give us an idea of your budget and we'll present you with a list that fits. You can then work out which one is best for you by fine-tuning your requirements. Cool?

Stage 1

So, Stage 1 allows you to choose a bunch of words that best describe what you are after. Tick as many boxes as you want but remember the more you tick, the more cars you'll get. Here's a short explanation of each of the categories:


Not big.


You see them everywhere – think Ford Focus or Volkswagen Golf. No? Ok – three or five-door car where the boot is part of the main cabin area and the door has a window in it.


The basic shape most kids think of when they draw a car – four doors a bonnet and a boot separate from the cabin. A BMW 7-series is a good example here.


You can drive across a field in it. High ride height, chunky tyres and should be four-wheel-drive.

Super Luxury

Usually big, often a saloon, always fully loaded with kit.

Lots of seats

Need this one explained to you? Really? Anything with space for five or more people.


Easy – a car with a folding roof. This can be fabric or metal and the car could be a small sports car, a 4x4, something with some useable rear seats or anything, really, without a fixed top.


Sports car with two seats and a folding roof or no roof at all, simple as that.

Stage 2

Got that? Then we're on to Stage 2 where you can select your budget. Drag the slider (best use your mouse for this – that thing on the end of a cable on your desk) until your wallet starts shrieking.

Stage 3

The fun bit. This page presents all the cars that match your selection criteria and gives you handy sliders on the left to help you work out which one is best for you.

Each slider represents a statement and the further to the right you slide it, the more you agree with it. Careful here – don't go whacking them all up to maximum, because you'll end up with a pretty vanilla selection of cars. The Chooser works best if you really think about the slider positions.

As you move the sliders, the cars will reorder on the right. Once you've settled on your selection, you can click on any of the cars for more information. Alternatively, you can add any car to the Car Bar – a device that allows you to save vehicles to look at later (we'll come to how that works next).

Comparing cars

You can compare the specs of different model types by clicking on 'Compare' in the Car Bar.

Clicking on 'Compare' will take you to a page listing all the models and types you've saved to your 'Car Bar'.

You can only compare types (rather than models) so if you haven't added any you will be asked to here. Adding types is easy. Go to the specs page for the model and select the types that best fit what you want.

Select up to three cars to compare and click the big button at the morning. This will take you to a full specs list for all the three cars. There you'll see what each offers.

If you want to compare more than three model types you'll need to do this in stages. Select the first three and decide which is best. Then compare this best one to two others. We suggest you find the best type for each model first.

The Car Bar

Stupid name, we know, but this helpful little device is available pretty much anywhere on the site and allows you to save cars you like the look of. You won't see it until you start using it, so just click 'add to car bar' next the car you like and the bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window.

You'll need JavaScript enabled to make it work and if you are using Internet Explorer 6 the Car Bar will appear at the bottom of the web page rather than in the browser window, so you may have to scroll a bit to see it. Our techies are working on a fix for the JavaScript thing, but the Internet Explorer 6 problem is down to Microsoft so you'll have to live with it. Or get newer software.

Anyway, you can save cars at two levels – make and model (eg Ford Focus) or make, model and derivative (eg Ford Focus RS). It's best to be as specific as you can here so try to choose a derivative if you can – you can always add these later. Click the 'x' to delete any vehicle from your list; otherwise cars saved in the Car Bar will stay there until you close your browser.

From the Car Bar you can call up info and specifications on cars selected and compare data on different models. To compare, click 'compare and you'll jump to a page with your chosen cars (up to three of them) listed next to each other. If you haven't selected enough cars, you'll have the option to do so.

And – we think – that's it. If you have any more questions, drop us a line and we'll dispatch a geek to help you…