2012 B-class interior: some pretty pictures

ALERT! These are what the innards of 2012's B-class will look like. And aren't they lovely? Benz interior design bods - based on the banks of Lake Como in Italy, dontchaknow - pointed their scalpels upwards to source lots of the B-class' hardware. Air vents a from the SLK, there's a CLS steering wheel and it gets the iPad-a-like screen that'll be appearing in the manufacturer's larger, more abstemious saloons. To funk up the parts-bin kit, Mercedes gives the B it's own swoopy, sculpted dashboard with a streak of woodette running through, onto which the disparate bits hang rather well. Pics of its new outerware are disappointingly absent - though MB promises it'll be with us by late 2012. Hope it looks as good as the interior. Click on for more pics.