2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift: Reborn master

The year 2005 may not be of great importance to society at large, nor did the year see an invention that would change the future of mankind or anything of that sort. But for me, three important things happened in that year. One: I turned into an adult and got myself a driving license, two: BBC TopGear Magazine India came into existence and took over the hearts of motorheads across the country, and three: the most important thing, the country’s biggest carmaker beat the convention and forced the country to look at hatchbacks in a different light. It took away the cheap from a hatchback and brought in the cool. The Swift was born. And it won hearts and for the first time, made the waiting period almost as long as a mother waits to deliver a baby. The unthinkable happened. Fast forward to today. I have entered my 30s, there are patches of grey hair and signs of hair loss on my head and kids refer to me as uncle. TopGear itself has massively changed in the way it looks and grown far beyond only the print medium. And rather importantly, we have the Swift in its third generation in the country, where 18 lakh people are Swift owners. A lot has changed, no? Well, for the Swift, a lot has changed in terms of tech and features, but the reason why it’s so popular still remains the same - it’s sporty and it’s cool.