321kph in a Bentley GT Speed!

Pulling the finely crafted gearstick back into the S position, there's a small click from the rear as the exhaust valves open and the sound at the twin tailpipes drops a couple of notes from its normal syrupy bass to the full Barry White. Other than doing up my seatbelt and lowering the roof, that concludes the preparation for this unofficial record attempt.

Which is one of the key reasons why we like this Bentley - all Bentleys, actually - so much. There aren't any limiters telling you what you can and can't do. If you want to use all of the engine's performance, you can, whenever and wherever you think it's safe(ish) to do so. If you want to programme a destination into the satnav while you're moving, you can. If you want to eat the seats, there's no legal warning labels - go ahead, you can do that, too. The message is clear: it's your car, you're a grown-up, do what you like with it.