321kph in a Bentley GT Speed!

Which includes setting records no one has ever even thought about attempting. Like the one I'm about to do.... NOW. Flattening the throttle into the carpet, the eight-speed gearbox immediately gets the message that full steam ahead is required and hangs onto every gear right up to the red line. With four-wheel drive and the super-grippy runway surface, there's no tyre noise or savage change in the 2.5-tonne car's attitude. We are just surging towards the horizon, slightly uphill, at an ever-increasing rate of knots.

Four seconds in, we are past 100kph, and, with the weight of the car now not so much of an issue, it's lunging forward at an almost comedic rate. It's hitting higher and higher numbers as fast as I can say them: 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160... and, even without the wind deflector in place, I'm hardly buffeted by the wind. An MX-5 at 60 is worse than this. 170, 180, 190... it's slowing a bit now, but hasn't given up. There's still plenty in the tank.