A day with the crazy Peugeot Onyx

Because this is a concept car, and then some, marrying all those concept-car futuristic looks and materials with a trick up its sleeve: a real-life engine. One that actually works. More than that, it is one capable of propelling the Onyx to 160kph and beyond. The best part? Today, we get to drive it.

But first, some detail on the car. Peugeot decided the Onyx's powerplant should be the diesel V8 from the 908 Le Mans car of 2011, which means that it has some pretty eye-watering stats. It's a 3.7-litre diesel producing 600bhp, but, unlike the 908, there's a hybrid element as well, adding an extra 80bhp. Unfortunately, the electric motor isn't working today, so we'll have to make do with just the regular engine's 600bhp.