A day with the crazy Peugeot Onyx

And the ride surprises. I know French cars have historically been wafty things, but come on: have you seen the size of the wheels and tyres on the Onyx? It looks like it should have the ride comfort of a large rock but doesn't. It flows over the road, absorbing the bumps but not isolating them entirely, so you still have a sense of what's going on underneath. It all feels like someone has put time and effort into making the Onyx actually work, as well as look good.

The Peugeot guys tell me they're off to Nogaro in a couple of weeks to try to set a lap time around the circuit. I'm not surprised. Other than some very heavy steering and a tendency to dive to the left under braking, it doesn't feel like the Onyx is many kilometres away from where it needs to be to set a properly speedy lap time.