A 'jugaad' for the future

The last time I made a car of my own in college, it was a square-jawed, three-box vehicle, and it didn't look too good on the sheet of paper I'd scribbled it on. That's about as close as I can ever get to saying "That's a car I've created". As would most other college-going students. However, if you are an engineering student (unlike me), you tend to do things properly.

So when a few wet-behind-the-ears students of Mumbai's K.J Somaiya College of Engineering decided to dip their hands in some sort of project, they went the whole hog and made themselves a real-life vehicle that actually worked. It wasn't an exercise in vain: this group of students was to participate in the Asia leg of the 2013 Eco Marathon organised by Shell, an event that aims to bring engineering talent to the fore by pitting students against each other in a most-frugal-car-takes-the-cake competition.