A Peugeot 208 GTI around 10,000 bends

Is it actually possible to have too many corners? Oh, crikey, dangerous question. Bends, curves, hairpins and kinks are the very pheromones that draw us to hot hatches. Confessing your greed for them has declined is like admitting to a wilting sexuality. But give me sympathy, because I feel like I'm in a spindryer. Two hours ago, I landed on Corsica and pedalled a roly-poly diesel MPV renter as hectically as it could manage to the site where the 208 GTi had started being shot for TopGear's feature. We meet just as the sky is fast-forwarding through orange and magenta to indigo and black. I strap into the 208 GTi and set off to where my bed is, under 10 kilometers away as the crow flies, but about 50 by the drastically convoluted Corsican roads.