A Peugeot 208 GTI around 10,000 bends

At night, visibility is hemmed in to the range of the headlamps, or entirely obscured by rock walls. So all my steering and braking is last-minute, and I never get the opportunity to gently warn my stomach of what's coming up. And this randomised oscillation just goes on and on. And on some more. Eventually my innards stage a fearsome rebellion, I get the sweats, then make myself sick.

Next morning, down the same road, I'm having the sweats again, for different reasons. Daylight is making clear what would have happened had I fallen off last night. There are few barriers, no catch-fencing. Mess it up, go over, and you'd just keep dropping and dropping. About the time there's next an Olympic opening ceremony or David Bowie releases another studio album, you'd hit the sea.

Welcome to Corsica, then. We came because these roads are legendary. The Tour de Corse is one of the great tarmac rallies. Just as the Rally Finland was always known as the Thousand Lakes because that's what's Finland's like, so this one was Rallye aux dix mille virages, the Ten Thousand Corners. Take it from TG, even that number appears a considerable underestimate. Rally driving at 100 per cent along these cliff-hanging roads must take a special sort of lunacy. But there are also wonderful flowing sections along the island's uplands. Whatever I said in the opening sentence, it is a fantastical place to come and drive.