Apollo tyres: tyred and tested

A decade ago, computers were far slower than they are today – they’d take some 10 minutes just to boot, and then another age would pass till you started an application. Then, engineers at Intel and Macintosh began working to make their chips process data faster than ever before, handle more apps at one go, that sort of thing. And while that was happening, the people associated with networking and the internet were trying to cope with those newly evolving, lightning fast chips, and speed up the time it took to transfer data between two computers and make your overall computing experience more enjoyable.

Something similar has happened in the automotive world. Engines can now propel cars much faster than they ever did. And the people who make the rest of the components are trying to catch up with that surge in power. Take tyres for example. They now need to roll faster than ever before, bite tarmac harder and corner at ridiculously high speeds without giving way. And that’s exactly what Apollo has done with the fourth generation of its passenger car tyres.

Apollo, traditionally a truck tyre supplier, had recently entered the small car tyre market and is now expanding into tyres for luxury cars like the Audi A4, BMW 5 series and VW Passat, among others.