Apollo tyres: tyred and tested

To test Apollo’s claims, we went to Circuit Park Zandvoort, north of the town of Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Inaugurated in 1948, it was a venue for Formula One races from 1955 to 1985, and was known for its fast, sweeping corners – and a string of fatal crashes. Of course, our test with Apollo was under far less competitive conditions. Apollo had chosen three luxury hatches that are on their way to India.

To test high-speed performance, the tyres were also fitted to a Beemer 3 series, with professional race drivers behind the wheel, so we could push the car to its limits on this tight, twisty circuit. Soon enough, the 328i was squealing loud enough to wake up the dead. And we’re happy to report there were no casualties and no cars sulking in a corner with a blown tyre.

Also on the menu were some slalom runs in a BMW 1 series and an Audi A3 in dry and wet conditions. We didn’t get enough time to take the tyres to their limits, but whatever punishment we did put them through, they held up well.