Aston Martin Rapide S: The confluence of centuries

In the past, I have driven Astons that seemed like overpaid superstars who can’t emote beyond a fight or a dance sequence. This Rapide isn’t a fancy car that will go wooden at the sight of an open road. It has the dynamic breadth of ability to back the drama and the spark of the rest of the package.

And just as Indian cinema is slowly throwing up brilliant movies like Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani and The Lunchbox, the Rapide S is the first sign of a company wanting to break out of its rut of familiar designs, familiar platforms and familiar engines. For a while, Aston has been stuck with limited tech, limited platforms and that same V12 engine. With the signing of a partnership with AMG, and under new ownership, Aston Martin will be out with a new generation of vehicles, bolder designs and cars that will put the verve back into something that was only known as James Bond’s car.

With this Rapide S, I won’t get into the buy-it-with-your-heart-over-your-head spiel. But in the 100 years since Indian cinema and Aston Martin have been in existence, one thing’s for sure. They are both quite a character. Flaws and all.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Bajirao Pawar)