Aston Martin Zagato on the Furka Pass

Welcome, then, to the latest - and definitively not the last - chapter in the A to Z of Going Fast and Looking Good. It all started in 1961, when Aston bosses, impressed by coachbuilder Ugo Zagato's pioneering ventures in weight-saving, aerodynamics and aluminium, asked the Italian if he fancied reskinning their DB4. The result was the unforgettable DB4GT Zagato, an aluminium masterpiece heralded as one of the most beautiful cars ever to grace road or track. Just 20 were built.

Despite the DB4 GT's success, Aston and Zagato spent the next five decades pursuing a Friends Reunited-style romance: great periods of separation interspersed by frenzied bump 'n' grinding. After a 35-year break, Zagato's V8 Vantage arrived in 1986 (52 coupes and 37 convertibles produced), succeeded by 2002's DB7, which also spawned an America-only DB AR1 cabrio.