Aston’s 380kph supercar… that never was

You see, last weekend at Kensington Park Gardens - as you've no doubt seen on - Aston Martin celebrated its 100th anniversary. 150 Aston Martin models from past and present rumbled into central London, just a stone's throw away from the company's inception at Henniker Mews all those years ago, where cycling buddies Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford first began knocking out hillclimb specials, starting the company that we know today.

And among the cars on display, including the oldest surviving Aston Martin (the A3), a brace of V8 Vantages, DB7s, Zagatos, Bond cars, the CC100 and the lovely One-77, was a brutish, blocky bruiser from the 80s that stuck its pug-nosed face into the crowd without apology. Clearly, this was no ordinary Aston Martin.