Atamjeet Singh: The Papersmith

Meeting mild-mannered Delhi resident, Atamjeet Singh, you wouldn’t guess he’s a man of many skills and a niche obsession. “I like to build machines with paper”, he says, leading us into a room that is off limits to most people. This is where he builds and stores his paper models, all well secured under custom-built acrylic cases. “I'm very protective of my models, I don't allow even my wife in that room,” he laughs.

While planes and other vehicles made out of paper may seem like a concept best suited to high-school craft projects, your perception will change once you look at Atamjeet’s creations. His models include a Yamaha XVS 1100 Drag Star Classic, a Japanese Kongo-class ship, a Tiger-1 tank, an LS-1000 diesel locomotive, a Komatsu HD785 dump truck, and the Discovery Space Shuttle, all entirely handcrafted in painstaking detail.