Audi A3: Ring in the new

The A3 name isn’t new on the world scene. It first came to life in 1996 as a premium hatchback. The model is now in its third generation and starts with a three-door hatchback, going to a five-door Sportback (a mini estate version of sorts) and now this sedan.

Now, hatchbacks growing up into sedans is not big news. We’ve seen that happen aplenty in various segments – a boot simply gets plastered onto the rear of the hatch version. Some are tastefully done, others not. More importantly, sitting inside or even looking at it from the front, you may find it difficult to pinpoint the difference. And it’s here that the Audi starts being different.

There is no mistaking the Audi family look here, with the single large grille and those piercing LED headlamps. But surprisingly, the sedan version of the A3 doesn’t share a single body panel with the hatch versions. Audi’s Head of Design, Wolfgang Egger has been one of the staunchest supporters of bringing in a sedan version of the popular A3. Not surprisingly, he’s made sure it emerged as something special.