Audi A3: Ring in the new

Describing the process, he says designing the car was like sculpting – “the piece is only perfect once you have removed everything that doesn’t belong there”. While it’s hard to say what they have removed, what’s easy to notice are those dynamic lines that run through the length of the car, giving it a strong muscular look. None of those lines, as the designers point out, end in nothing – take, for example, the ‘tornado’ line below the window sill, which starts from the headlamps and ends at the tail-lights. Or, the lower angular dynamic line that joins the extra-flared wheel arches.

There is that underlying resemblance to an A4, yet in reality, it’s distinct enough to stand out on its own. At the front and rear is a prominent, horizontally accentuated design layout to give a sense of width to the compact dimensions. At just under 4.5m long and just over 2.5m wide, the A3 sedan isn’t a particularly big car. But it’s not small either. In fact, it is smaller than a VW Jetta in length but a few millimetres wider. Of course, there is little in common between these two cars.