Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Gran Coupe vs Mercedes CLS

A four-door coupe seems like an idea that germinated in the usual marketing mind that thinks, “I am so smart and everybody else is so dumb, I can sell them anything”. Because a car with four doors is not a coupe.

But then, think about it. That sloping roofline, low-slung seating, minimal body height1… it’s got all the virtues of a sporty coupe with the benefit of rear seats and proper-sized doors to get there. Moreover, four-door coupes are way more interesting to drive, own and be seen in than their executive and luxury sedan cousins. The Audi A7 you see here is way better looking than the A6 or the A8. The all-new BMW 6 series Gran Coupe makes more of a statement than the 5 or 7 series. The Mercedes CLS? It’s the one that started it all.

And just so we don’t get blinded by the allure of those sweeping lines, we thought we’d give these pricey machines some pricier tasks.