Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Gran Coupe vs Mercedes CLS

Which is the best car to carry beanbags in?

The boots of all three cars are humungous.

The Gran Coupe has 460litres and loses some surface area on the sides where the boot hinge goes in. And the beanbag struggles to fit. Thankfully, the rear seats fold down, increasing loading space to 1265litres. The rear seats in the CLS don’t fold. Yet, it has a 520-litre boot. More importantly, it’s well shaped. So, with a bit of adjusting, the beanbag does go in.

The A7, at 535litres, is a bit more magnanimous. And when the rear seats fold flat, you get 1390litres. Which means it has already won the beanbag fight. What makes the deal sweeter is the fact that the A7 is actually a hatch. So when you open that boot, not only do you have the biggest capacity at your disposal, it also makes loading stuff easier. So while all the cars will let you take in that beanbag, the A7 lets you do way more.