Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Gran Coupe vs Mercedes CLS

What if your dog needs to go to the vet?

Queenie here is just like the cars.

She isn’t of pure breed. Just like the cars are trying to be sedan, coupe, sportscar and limousine, Queenie is a bit of German Shepherd Albino plus some other genes. And like the cars, she is of a very gentle and undemanding temperament. Now, the rear seat configuration on all three cars is rather unconventional.

The BMW and the Merc are strictly four-seaters. They are both comfortable, have enough leg and shoulder room and the contoured bucket-ish seats in the rear provide ample support to your shoulders and hips. But with the transmission tunnel and storage bin in the centre, it’s impossible to have a third person in the rear. And while the Audi has a spare seat in the centre with just about okay legroom, the car doesn’t actually have a seatbelt for the centre seat.

However, the centre seat is cleanly designed and doesn’t have any protrusions for storage or cupholders, allowing for a nearly flat surface. And for this, while Queenie refused to go on record, we presume she would have liked the trip to the vet in the A7 more than in the 6 or the CLS.