Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Gran Coupe vs Mercedes CLS

At the end of the day...

We very much like the idea of four-door coupes. And these three are the best compromise between a boring luxury sedan and a sports coupe. The Audi is admirably versatile and spacious. It might be the best to carry beanbags and your dog in, but it just doesn’t offer a thoroughly enjoyable and sound driving experience here. Besides, it takes a really trained eye to immediately differentiate this from an A6 or an A8. However, compared to the other two, the A7 is the best value. Then again, there’s a whole lot of extras waiting for your money. In this band of four-door coupes, the A7 is the saxophone. Suave and sophisticated. But it still has the artificiality of a man-made object.

The BMW is much better to drive. It’s the fastest off the line, sounds incredible, and in Comfort mode, is the best car to have some wine in. Despite not being the ultimate driver’s car, the Gran Coupe is a sound dynamic package. What lets it down are the goodies. It’s got soft-shut doors, night vision and front fender cameras, seat warming and cooling, heads-up display and a whole lot more. But they’re all cost options.