Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Gran Coupe vs Mercedes CLS

In fact, if you tick every option in this car, it will cost you a cool  Rs 35 lakh over the base price. And the car we drove had about Rs 22-25 lakh worth of extras. That’s a lot for a car that already costs a crore. In our band, the 640d Gran Coupe is the bass guitar. Aggressive and energetic, but can go a bit overboard.

The CLS is a brilliant package. And what makes it brilliant is its simplicity. It did not win the beanbag-pet dog-wine contest. But all of these everyday tasks can still be done. Besides, it satisfies the two big reasons you got yourself a four-door coupe in the first place – distinctive looks and fun behind the wheel. In an age when fun is up to computers deciding the optimum steering and suspension settings, the CLS sticks to basic, very neutral, non-intrusive chassis engineering and delivers superb dynamics and comfort.

It doesn’t come with fancy tech like doors that shut automatically and seats that warm your bum. But it has every convenience feature you need in a sporty, luxury car. And it all comes as standard fitment. In this band, the CLS is the flute. It’s carved out of something as simple as a stem of bamboo, but in the right hands, it dishes out the purest, deepest, most soulful music.

We need nothing more.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)