Audi Q5s on a fuel run to Nagpur

We have a very weird way of ruling our nation. Take Maharashtra. The temperature in any of its cities seldom falls below 10 degree Celsius. But it still has Nagpur as its winter capital. It’s fine for states like Jammu and Kashmir, where the snow blocks up the road in the capital city for two months every year. But why Maharashtra? Why on earth do we need the babus, with their battalion, to move their base to Nagpur in the winters?

Apart from having a baseless reason to have Nagpur as the second capital of the state, there’s another peculiarity of the city, a very interesting one. Of course, there are the oranges. But it also hosts the zero mile. Or rather, the centre of India.

We’re wondering which car will be comfortable for long journeys on our highways and will make it to the dead centre of the country without having to refuel on the way from another up-and-coming city in Maharashtra called Pune. If you look up the distance on Google maps, you’ll see the two cities are just under 900km apart. Which makes it one heck of a task to get there.