Audi Q5s on a fuel run to Nagpur

As I’m closing in on zero mile, the car feels like it’s running on fumes rather than fuel. The on-board computer has been flashing the ‘Please Refuel’ lamp for quite some time, the engine has started to cough, and I can feel the power dropping. Every time the traffic signal goes red, my first reflex is to shut the engine off. Passing a couple of chowks, the sat-nav lady says the golden words – “You’ve reached your destination!”

On my right is a stone pillar beside a statue of four horses facing four different directions and a mile stone that says “0”. It has made it, the 2.0-litre TDI. Just about, but there it is, right at the dead centre of the country. A journey that saw almost 900km of two-lane highway. A journey that saw a thousand villages. A journey like no other. It has proved its mettle as a great highway cruiser.

Meanwhile, Gagan, in the 3.0 TDI, has managed to buy diesel from a trucker at a premium and made it home. Abhinav hasn’t been as lucky. He’s had to spend a night in the car before he got going, but hasn’t returned to Mumbai after that. If any of you find him, please return the car keys to the TopGear office.

(Words: Agasti Kaulgi, Photos: Nitin Rose)