Audi R8 driven on the Nurburgring

It’s a perfectly normal car. Just that it has a 518bhp 5.2-litre V10. So the only difference between the R8 and a normal car is that it’s, er, faster. But the fastness does not make it stand out much over here. Here, in the sleepy village of Nurburg in Germany. There are around 200 people living here. But the village echoes with the sound of straight-sixes, V8s, even raspy four-pots. The town thrives chiefly because of petrol-heads bringing their machines to lap the 21km Nordschleife northern loop of the 28km Nurburgring.

We only have access to the new Grand Prix circuit, not the Nordschleife – infamously called the Green Hell. And the R8 literally yawns though the track. This car went through a mid-life refresh last year, got itself some minor cosmetic changes and an all-new dual-clutch gearbox. Now, I have driven the R8 Spyder in Europe, and the 542bhp R8 V10 Plus on a track, but never the V10 coupe on a track. Until now. And it turns out to be stupendously idiot-proof.