Audi R8 driven on the Nurburgring

It is still not as thrill-a-minute as a Gallardo, but if you go for a fancy dinner or to your office in the Lambo, you will get out with sweat down your brow, damp armpits, crumpled trousers and a high heart rate. The R8 is the supercar you can take to work, to the shops, to the restaurant and to the track, and still be as fresh as you were when you just got out of the bath.

As someone who works in a magazine where we drive cars for a few days and then return them, I fall for drama. I fall for sensation, for excitement. I fall for a car that will keep me on tenterhooks most of the time. The R8 is for the guy who pays his own money for his own dream car. This is well and truly a legend. And the tale of its greatness is just about beginning.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan)