Audi R8 V10 Spyder driven in Italy

If you told any logical person that Italians do something special to their machines, they’d call the idea hogwash. But it’s true. Forget Ferraris, even ordinary Fiats make you feel you’re driving something that’s alive. The way the steering feels, the way the pedals react… and a lot of how their cars feel seem to have a lot to do with the country itself.

The speed limit in Italy is 130kph on the motorway. You can unofficially push that to 160. And if you’ve got a V12, then even 190 is not frowned upon. If you make a racket in a quiet Italian village in an Italian super-exotic, the cops will pull you over, ask you to rev the engine louder, talk amongst themselves with exaggerated hand gestures, give you a thumbs up and ask you to move on.

Considering the culture here, it’s strange Audi picked Italy to showcase the refreshed R8. Now, the R8 is a great supercar. It looks striking, is incredibly quick and the easiest of mid-engine supercars to live with. But you could always spot its impeccable German genes.