Audi R8 V10 Spyder driven in Italy

Two horns and a pointy tail. Now, the star of this refreshed line-up is the V10 Plus we drove last month. It had 542bhp. And a super-quick steering.

And around the Misano circuit by the Italian coastal town of Rimini, I was amazed at how this machine wants to kill you, and in the same vein, take good care of you. It’s got a sharp blade that’s an inch away from your skin, but never actually touches it. All this while taking corner after corner with ridiculous ease. It’s a proper track-bruiser. But one that’s completely idiot-proof. But it has its quirks. It has mechanical seats. And the ride on public roads isn’t comfortable.

The star for me in Audi’s refreshed lineup was the V10 Spyder. It makes the same 518bhp as the older Spyder, but with more life in the steering and more weight in the pedals. And a gearbox that can be Shiva the god one instant, and Shiva, the smoker of pot, the next. The old 6-speed automatic has made way for an all new 7-speed dual-clutch one. It doesn’t skip ratios. It merely glides over them. Moreover, there’s the Sport button. It doesn’t do anything to the suspension. It doesn’t mess with the steering. All it does is open the flaps in the exhaust and convert the gearbox into a pot-smoking god.