Audi R8 V10 Spyder driven in Italy

This R8 has a more communicative steering and more involvement with the brake and accelerator pedals. So, while the old R8 just dispatched corners effortlessly, this one transfers nearly all of the zing and zest of corner-carving straight to you. Despite all this, it hasn’t lost out on comfort. Broken roads and patch tarmac don’t filter into the cabin. However, we have driven the R8 in India. And this refreshed one is also goes-under-the-toll-barricade low. So better watch out over Indian speed bumps, most of which would qualify as small hills in the rest of the world.

Complaints? The interior. Take out that flat-bottom steering wheel, and this could be the cabin of any premium car. It’s all very logical. It’s all very comfortable. It’s all very convenient. But where’s the fighter jet AC vents? Where’s the missile launcher starter button? Where’s the six-year-old’s-fantasy toggle switches? While the rest of the car has the qualities that separate supercars from mere fast cars, the interior is all German stoic. In supercar terms, it’s as cold as the steel inspection table in a vet’s clinic.