Audi RS4 Avant vs Merc C63 AMG Estate

The Merc? Well this one is a C63S, which means the rear wheels have to cope with the combined impacts of 503bhp and 516lb ft coming out of the twin turbo 4.0-litre V8, rather than the paltry 476bhp and 650Nm of the non-S. I mean, how would you cope? Actually, we used to cope just fine.

We had a non-S C63 wagon on the long term fleet. We had to make do with a mechanical rear diff rather than an electronically controlled one, we had no Race mode, active engine or transmission mounts. That’s not the case with the latest E63 AMG; there, you need the S as that’s the one with Drift Mode… No need for a special Drift Mode in the C63, of course. That comes as standard. It’s getting the tail to stay in line that’s the trick.

Its 700Nm is a colossal amount of torque for a set of modestly-wide 265 rear tyres to cope with. The C63’s power delivery is best described as rampant. It hurls itself through the mid-range with almost unwarranted savagery. Anything on the road surface that might upset traction or torque distribution – white lines, cats eyes – will.