Audi RS4 Avant vs Merc C63 AMG Estate

I know that’s where Audi says they are, but in practice the S cars have no profile. A clear separation would give Audi more bandwidth, a strategy that Mercedes, BMW, Alfa et all would struggle to match. I want to see it happen, but if experience has taught us anything it’s that once Audi has identified a good thing (original R8, TT, RS4), it doesn’t do enough to develop it.

So the Merc wins here, just as it did when C63S coupe met RS5. Then, there was a gulf between them. It’s closed up a bit now, and there are clear reasons why you might choose the RS4 over the C63, but I can only really recommend it if you want a rapid, easy-going daily driver.

Its strengths do shine a light on the C63 though: does it need to be as overtly aggressive? Must it ride so rigidly? You get used to it of course, and then once you’ve unloaded kids, dogs and bags you can go and just… drive. Indulge the noise, feel it move and bark and bite and strain. And then you’ll smile and giggle and be mightily glad you chose the Merc.