Audi RS4 on ice

I’ve seen many a kind of card, but this is the first time I’ve seen a ‘tractor card’ being issued – something the tractor driver would punch a hole in, every time one of us got stuck in the snow and needed pulling out. On the first day, during the warm-up session, I’m supremely confident I won’t need one. But then again, on the first day I’m so slow, glaciers all over the world are outrunning me.

While driving on frozen ice – with the Electronic Stablity Control turned off, no less – on the first circuit of the first day (essentially an oval), my brain has no trouble convincing me that I’m going as fast as any human being can, slipping and sliding along with generous helpings of opposite lock. The fact that I’m doing 25-30kph at the most, certainly doesn’t matter much: my brain is in overload mode, so it must be the fastest anyone is capable of. And then a chap named Markus Winkelhock happens to jump into the co-driver’s seat.