Audi RS4 on ice

Markus and Jerry control their impatience very well indeed – something I myself fail to do on many an occasion – and that translates into my driving improving drastically over just two days. I ask Markus to sit and observe what I’m doing over the 5km final circuit, and he obliges. As usual, he wants “more power!” After I’m done with one lap, I ask him to take over and he shows me why a racer is a notch above normal human beings.

Into the corner, a violent flick of the steering wheel and a massive kick to the throttle pedal throws the RS4 rear out, while countersteering and throttle modulation keeps it sliding through the corner. Finally, I realise what Markus is trying to teach me. The next time out, I do well enough for him to say, “You have improved the most!” He means me and my co-driver, although while we’re drifting around at 50-70kph with the ESC turned off, Markus is never once below 90kph. Through one long left-hander, I even see that needle stuck at 120. See what I mean about racers being more evolved?