Audi RS7: the four-door hypersedan

Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississip… that’s the Audi RS7 hitting a 100kph from standstill. It takes exactly 3.93 seconds to get to a 100kph. And if you aren’t very mathematically inclined, one second is about the time it takes to utter the word Mississippi once. To drill the point home further, the RS7 takes exactly 60 metres to get to a 100kph. Again, if you aren’t very mathematically inclined, the Audi RS7 can get to a 100kph within the length of three cricket pitches laid end-to-end, or in less than one half of the length of an entire cricket field.

There are quite a lot of cars that are quicker than the RS7. But they are all devoid of doors and a windshield, or they have an engine in the middle. They don’t have four doors. They don’t have four seats. They don’t have a big boot. The Audi RS7 does. The other pieces of exotica cannot seat two people at the back. The Audi RS7 can. And the fact that the Audi is less than a second slower than purpose-built supercars is well and truly staggering.

And being a well-built German car, you wouldn’t expect the RS7 to come with Italian supercar quirks. Quite surprisingly, it does. The RS7 you see here comes with a rear camera, and the optional front camera, a rear corner camera and front corner camera. The rear camera comes on when you engage reverse. But if you want the front corner camera to come on when, say, you are coming out of a gate on to a road with traffic on both sides, you have to stop, engage reverse, wait for the rear camera to come on, then select the front corner camera via the MMI knob, engage drive and then get going.