Audi RS7: The Super Barge

Every once in a while it is good to be surprised. Especially when it comes in the form of something like the Audi RS7. Yes, it is essentially a family saloon with a fancy fastback styled rear-end, which has been put together with plenty of attention to detail, which makes it superbly luxurious as well. However, despite being a five-metre long, four-door sedan that weighs roughly two tonnes, this one carries the RS badge. This can only mean one thing – it is bad ass. One that has been packaged with a 4-litre, V8 which stops only short of breathing fire thanks to turbocharging and makes 545 horsepower. Yes, rub your eyes and re-adjust your vision, but that number isn’t going to change. You read it right the first time around – five hundred and forty-five.

Words: Debabrata Sarkar | Photography: Parag Parelkar