Audi S4 on Panvel - Nipani road

The drive from Mumbai to Kolhapur may not figure on everyone’s Top 10 driving destinations list. But in this case, the destination wasn’t really critical, this was more about the journey. You know we have a soft spot for good roads and if you’re an avid TopGear reader, you’ll remember a certain blue Audi R8 doing the Kolhapur run last year. This time around, we have another Audi and it’s red. Audi recently brought a go-faster A4 to India. It’s called the S4 and for good reason. Especially once you’ve heard it at full chat.

Scams aside, some part of the government machinery is actually doing something right and giving us some decent bits of tarmac. Which lets us do this more often – drive some really fine cars with a big smile on our faces. Anyway, the drive to Kolhapur starts with a dash down the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Now, the regular A4 is a  nice enough car, but the S4 comes with four exhaust pipes and a 3.0-litre V6. And if that isn’t enough to get your attention, wait till you get behind the wheel.