Audi S4 on Panvel - Nipani road

It may hide a lot underneath, but the S4 isn’t presumptuous about its abilities. Hell, most people wouldn’t give it a second look if it weren’t finished in this bright red. But that’s what we really like about the S4 – only those in the know will be able to tell they’re driving something special.

Under the hood is a hulk of an engine. The 3.0-litre V6 turbo-petrol puts out 330bhp and 440Nm and puts its power down through a seven-speed S-tronic dual-clutch gearbox. As with most powerful Audis, you also get the renowned quattro all-wheel drive.

Inside, you’ll wonder if you’ve sat in the regular A4. The cabin is essentially that of the regular saloon. But for all the similarities, there are parts that scream S4…literally. Firstly, there are S4 badges all over the place. The cabin is finished in black (we love it!). There’s no atrocious beige or grey here. The seats get a suede-and-leather finish that looks and feels fantastic. But the interesting bit is the MMI, which holds the key to the car’s personality – the drive select. Choose from five modes – Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Individual and Efficiency. In Comfort, the S4 pretty much drives like the regular A4 – there’s no drama and there’s nothing special. This is probably best used for the office commute or when the wife and kids are around. When the family’s not in tow, flick the dial over to Dynamic and the S4 turns into a completely different animal.

It’s like giving Popeye a can of spinach! Throttle response sharpens, the suspension firms up, the gearbox is out to snap your neck with its super-quick shifts. And the exhausts open up and let that V6 scream away to glory. Trust us when we say the S4 is all about its sound. If you’re anything like us, you’ll drive the S4 in Dynamic all the time – which is what we did for over 1,000km.