Audi S4 on Panvel - Nipani road

Out on a very wet expressway, the S4 is in its element. The V6 has more than enough grunt to push it from 0-100kph in 5.35 seconds, which is almost as fast as the hooligan RS5. Put your foot down and the S4 races down the cogs and lunges forward. Every tap of the throttle is rewarded with some glorious music from the exhausts and every upshift results in an overrun that you’ll love to hear again and again. You’ll love putting your foot down just to hear it blip the throttle and jump down a gear or two.

The 3.0-litre motor is turbo-charged, but there’s no sign of turbo-lag, the dual-clutch S tronic gearbox is fantastically quick and complements the motor nicely. In Sport mode, you’ll love pushing the engine to its 7000rpm redline and watch the gearbox bang through the ratios. With a top whack of 250kph, having the quattro on a rainy day was quite reassuring.

Sure, there’s understeer, but you can get around some of it by using a different driving style. Grip, however, is undeniable. You may come slower into a corner but you can still put the power down earlier and cleaner. The S4 sits lower than the regular A4, giving it a much sportier stance. But that stance can also result in some expensive-sounding noises when it goes over those large speedbreakers at the various tollbooths along the way.