Audi S4 on Panvel - Nipani road

Long undulations result in pitching and you’re probably better off with the suspension in Dynamic, in which damping is much better. But you do need to slow down much more for potholes. Best is the Individual setting, in which you can choose and save settings for various things to your liking.

With our pedal-to-the-metal driving, the S4 was quite rewarding in Dynamic, but it swallowed petrol in such great big gulps, we think the S4 should have a bigger fuel tank. A 250km range isn’t going to go down well with your accountant.

This brings us to the Efficiency setting – it blunts the throttle and changes the shift points to maximise mileage – not necessarily the most fun, be warned. Anyway, driven bonkers in Dynamic, it returned 4.5kpl in town and a not-very-respectable 7.8 on the highway. In Efficiency mode, the S4 returned a more respectable 6.5kpl in the city and 10.6 on the highway.