Audi S4 on Panvel - Nipani road

The S4 is almost the perfect Audi. We’ve taken the TT up to Lavasa, but it falls flat in comparison because while the TT has a purpose and looks the part, the S4 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’ll be exclusive too because the posers will all go and buy something flashier. It comes fairly well equipped and has everything you’ll ever need.

And unlike the RS5, you get four doors and actual rear seats. You can drive it around every day without a care, and still hit the track on the weekend. It’s this dual personality that makes the S4 so special. And at Rs 45.31 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai), the S4 is bundle of joy for A6 money. Economics aside, you’ll wonder why they sell the A4 at all. You really can’t go wrong with an S4 in red. Really.

(Words: Manish Sarser  Photos: Himanshu Pandya)