Audi S6: The lull and the storm

Popular Hindi cinema doesn’t have much room for characters who are subtle or introverted. The protagonist is very often a great looker, the centre of attention, a great dancer, a fabulous singer, an expert guitarist, a deadly fighter, and will have as many members of the opposite sex as is humanly possible to fit along an arm’s length. In general, if he or she twitches a finger, a dozen people will know.

It’s a character the Audi S6 will never be able to relate to. This car is entirely about subtlety. This car is entirely about nuance. In fact, the S6 has so many nuances, the chapters in the Indian Penal Code will look like a flyer with your daily newspaper. I am yet to drive a car that has such violent mood swings. It’s a bloodthirsty, galaxy-devouring monster one moment, and a willing consort to a dove with an olive branch the next.