Audi S6: The lull and the storm

Frankly, I did not know what to expect from the S6. On paper, Audi’s S range of cars is the midpoint between the routine A range of cars and the baying-for-blood RS range. Naturally, the S6 is in between the routine A6s and the RS6, which is only available as an estate, and therefore not on sale in India. But these midpoints are extremely difficult to get.

It’s easy to make a no-compromise driving machine or a no-compromise luxury limo. But it’s never easy to make a bit of both in one machine. The S6 comes close. Tantalisingly close. The S6 fits the perfect description of a sleeper or a Q-car. It looks very ordinary on the outside. And packs a wallop inside. It’s the perfect car to merge into the crowd, keep an eye on the target, and if the target is in a hurry, the S6 can quickly throw away its cloak of anonymity and slingshot its way behind the fastest of land-borne objects.