Audi S6: The lull and the storm

However, the S6 doesn’t work too well as a sleeper in the Indian scenario. An Audi A6, with its massive grille, ornamental headlights and daytime running lights, cannot merge into the Indian roadscape. And the Indian market, like Hindi cinema, doesn’t take too well to subtlety. If we have it, we’d like to flaunt it.

Now, the S6 doesn’t flaunt too much over the A6 visually. There’s a red ‘S6’ badge on the grille, the boot, the brake calipers, the steering wheel. That’s it. The flaunting begins when you, pardon the cliché, put pedal to the metal. That’s when the 4.0-litre turbo-charged V8 emits a drone of impending doom as the 414 horses send the engine spinning toward 7000rpm.

Of all the  turbos I’ve driven, this 4.0-litre petrol sounds the best. You don’t get any turbo whine. You don’t get a muted exhaust. What you get is an engine note that will never make you miss a naturally-aspirated V8. Thanks to the turbo, power starts flowing rapidly from 4000rpm and you don’t have to rev the life out of the engine to get going.