Audi S7: Worth the V8

What else do you expect when you give a mighty V8 four mikes?! That’s what Audi’s gone and done in its S7, you see. The result is, every time you step on its tail, this Teutonic titan gets up and roars right back at you through its high-quality music system. Needless to say, this is the first time I’m driving a car without any music playing but the engine’s. But you have to see the S7 before you can hear it. And a commanding sight, it is.

The S7 is an A7 with more obsession liberally applied to the details. First off, there’s that typical ‘S’ grille that mixes the horizontal with the vertical to make a chrome-finish eggcrate with which the A7 bares its teeth at the world – in a polished, high-quality manner, of course. Its chin, side skirts and rear bumper are more predatory than the A7’s, with huge wheels that grab your attention. And then there’s that drop of blood at either end – the S7 badge with its red accent that’s simultaneously subtle and striking in a sea of paint and chrome. It’s like a bright red mole on someone’s face that you can’t stop staring at. But there’s more to the S7’s appearance than that, of course.