Audi S7: Worth the V8

Aptly, there is more aggression in the overall design, but not without a certain stateliness – I suppose you could call it ‘distinguished aggression’. Think of it as a bouncer in a tuxedo. A bouncer that looks like a whole lot of other people. Yes, I’m cribbing about the family-face syndrome again. But yet again, it’s just me, because people seem to have no problem with cars looking like clones of varying shapes and sizes. However, with that shapely rear to ogle at, that déjà vu effect is readily forgotten.

There’s no two ways about it – the S7 looks its swooping best seen in profile and rear three-quarters. The roofline is an all-metal single-colour rainbow that gleams under the cold winter sun, delightful to look at. It’s called the ‘sportback’ style and is aimed directly at Merc’s CLS. And to back up (from the front) that desirable derriere, the S7 floods your senses with 414bhp from that 3993cc V8 contained under its bulging bonnet. That number is complemented by a smooth but unstoppable 550Nm and together, they’re pretty good at making autobahn-mincemeat. This is excellent, since you can show other road users the S7’s best viewing angle at will.