Audi S7: Worth the V8

My co-driver has already fallen asleep, while I tell the woman in the dashboard (“please turn right in 27km”) to shut up. So far, I’ve had my apprehensions about flooring the S7’s right pedal – I don’t want to end up on Germany’s version of ‘Wild Police Chases’, if they have such a thing. Nonetheless, I’m an Indian and it’s about time I acted like one, eh?

I prod the throttle, tentatively at first. My left hand helps the seven-speed automatic ’box skip a few cogs via the flappy paddle, and the S7 purposefully hoists the tacho needle into a more aggressive zone, poised to strike. Encouraged by the car’s sudden eagerness to strain at the leash, I let it loose – and my co-driver wakes up. Each blink sees the S7 devour vast amounts of distance to the horizon, turning the friendly neighbourhood traffic into nothingness in the mirror.