Audi S7: Worth the V8

Simple, all-conquering forward motion is the S7’s forte and I can see it’s entirely capable of crossing the length and breadth of Germany without breaking a sweat. If you so choose, the S7 will sprint from 0 to 100kph in 4.7 seconds. Top speed, as with most German cars, is an electronically strangulated 250kph. And of course, where there’s ‘Audi’, there’s also ‘quattro’.

The S7’s flowing shape hides a whole lot of technological prowess that inspires jargon that’s poetry to automobile engineers and anoraks alike. A quattro sport differential varies power to the rear wheels in corners – I never get to feel this because it’s a tad difficult to go cornering on arrow-straight motorways. The couple of corners I chance upon, the S7 breezes through them with poise and authority. Suspension, as far as I can tell on these smooth roads, seems to be regular Audi fare – comfortably firm.