Audi S7: Worth the V8

A lot of people – including manufacturers – take a lot of pride and devote reams of brochure paper to the opulence of their interiors. I don’t really understand it, but I do acknowledge that while horsepower and torque rule conversations at the gentlemen’s club, it’s the leather, wood and plastic that they use fully in day-to-day life. The well-appointed and classily finished S7 is like any other high-end Audi in this respect and will provoke no complaints from its occupants. It’s a very capable bridge between the A7 and the RS7... and therein lies the problem.

‘S7’ does not possess the outright sex that ‘RS7’ does. If you could, wouldn’t you want to get bored in an RS-badged car? Of course, in the real everyday world, you’ll never miss the ‘R’. Except bright red paint, of course... That’ll keep me awake, for sure.

(Words: Kartik Ware)